Shape the future of your brand.


LOUPE 16 has a deep understanding of innovators and early adopters. We call them The 16% because they represent 16% of the population in every developed society. They are a powerful homogenous global audience and are the key to success when you:

  • Reposition an existing brand.
  • Enter a new market.
  • Revitalise an old brand
  • Develop a new product or service.
  • Gain early adopters for a start up.
  • Generate growth for a premium brand.

We work with you to help solve your business challenges through The 16% and ensure your brand is future ready.

What makes The 16% special?

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Uniqueness is everything.


The 16% are opinion leaders who set trends and are social influencers. They share similar lifestyles, social values, communication styles and consumption patterns - regardless of culture. Importantly, The 16% behave in a unique way that differentiates them from the mainstream:

  • They are the first to ‘buy into’ your idea.
  • They will share your idea.
  • They will actively give you feedback.
  • They try new products - without social influence.
  • They migrate products into the mainstream.
  • They have spending power.
We tap into these behaviours using quantitative and qualitative insights gained from our proprietary tools to drive the strategy, innovation and design process.